Men, colour is our friend.

One of the greatest things in nature is the existence colour. If we think about how we describe experiences colour forms a huge part of it. Think about fireworks and how the vivid bold colours raise a gasp, of visiting the country and a field full of rapeseed or wild flowers make us smile with their wall of colour. Colour is important to us on an emotional level, it stimulates the right brain and helps lift our mood and is a real benefit to our mental health. 

A lot of men I work with really struggle with wearing colour, they stick to Blacks, Greys and dark muted tones of colours like navy, claret and forrest greens. They are safe choices that help them blend into the crowd but in choosing these we as men are missing out on the joy of wearing colour. 

Let me be clear, I'm not talking about dressing like Timmy Mallet every day but injecting some colour can not only lift an outfit but our mood and also amazingly the moods of those we interact with. I love colour, in the summer I wear colourful chinos and shirts, and in the winter enjoy a colourful sweater or knit, for me pinks, mustard and vivid blues and greens are my go-to's

Whilst I prefer wearing suits in Greys and mid to dark blues I adore a bold, vivid tie and pocket square, not forgetting a pair of socks in a matching on contrasting colour, these are ways of easily adding some colour to an outfit without overpowering everything else. Not only does adding colour in this way help show some personality but can have a positive impact on your mood and mindset as well as those around you.... Don't believe me, try it and let me know if you notice a difference.

Colour is a gift. Women have a head start on it, makeup, jewellery and women's clothing embrace colour and allow their wearers to do the same, as men, although we can wear bright vivid clothing, jewelry and accessories and even makeup, in most cases we are more limited in our options for colour, don't let this discourage you from experimenting with and using colour. I bet you'll love the results.