Did PANTONE hit the mark?

PANTONE have released the colour of the year for 2020 and it's a mid blue. As someone working in the style industry this is a pretty important release, not because people are going to be wearing classic blue all year but because the PANTONE literally sets a tone for the year's colours the are incredibly influential, especially with a lot of large suppliers and fabric designers. Last year's choice was Living Coral (16-1546) and it showed up in a lot of clothing collections and available fabrics throughout 2019.

I'm not 100% sure that at the start of a new decade and in a period of climate flux we're in that a mid blue was the way to go. Looking at the trends report, PANTONE have chosen this as it's "elegant in it's simplicity", "reflective" and "an anchoring foundation" I'd imagine the thinking is that in a time where there is a lot of "noise" a safe, clean anchor is a break from the noise, but I can't help think that with the challenges ahead in a new decade it's a bit... safe and tame.

Politically, socially, economically and climatically the world has a lot of challenges and going into the decade I would have thought a green would have been the way to go, pointing towards the world's focus on green issues and the environment, climate change and as a nod towards the change in political views on climate. A bit literal but sometimes it's the way to go.

As a man in my 40s blue is a staple, I love vivid colour but most of my suits are blue and a lot of my tie collection has a nod to it too, I don't know if I just expected more from PANTONE, expected them to be a bit bolder in their choice

What do you think?