Are Christmas jumpers one-size fits all?

I am of course not talking about the physical size, but referring to the styling of a "Christmas jumper" 

I'm going to set out my stall from the start.. they are really not for me. The same way that I don't wear a comedy tie with a flashing reindeer nose or a musical button I have never owned or worn a Christmas jumper... they are just not my bag. 

Now PJs are a different story, I love a Christmas PJ.. just not a jumper. 

At this time of year they are everywhere, all over social media, every shop you go into has Mariah Carey playing and members of staff looking utterly miserable in a sweater with an elf body or a flashing reindeer nose, honestly most of the time I feel sorry for them because I know given the choice they'd not be wearing them. 

Some people LOVE Christmas jumpers, I have a friend with a collection of around 20, almost one for every day of advent.. and I am sure come the January sales that will be the case... she loves them and wears them and it shows because when she wears a Christmas jumper she shines, it's awesome. 

I don't have a problem with Christmas jumpers, but as the festive period becomes more themed the more businesses are creating a requirement to be festive and wear one, for some businesses it's "enforced theme day" territory but for retail businesses staff can be required to wear them for the whole of December.. I saw my first Christmas jumper in November this year, great if you love them, feel comfortable and confident in something bold and striking but a tough month if you are an introvert or don't celebrate Christmas. 

As I said at the start of the blog, I don't wear Christmas jumpers but that doesn't mean I don't like to look festive.. my weapons of choice a festive tie and socks, enough to inject some Christmas cheer into what I'm wearing but no LED christmas lights on a fuzzy felt tree in sight. 

Next Christmas (it's a bit late for this year) think about other options for looking festive, ties, socks, perhaps a holly lapel pin, the options are there and creative though pays dividends when everyone else is doing the same or similar things